Friday, May 31, 2013

Fwd: MAY 30, 2013

     This column is mostly about mainstream politicians who hold or are running for offices you've heard of.  This one isn't.

     It's about E.W. Jackson
, the Virginia GOP's candidate for lieutenant governor.   I learned about him in NPR's Political Junkie;  all the information here comes from it. 


     Jackson is an African-American, a minister, an ex-Marine and a Harvard Law School graduate "with no money to speak of" but he was nominated the Republucan Party's candidate on the fourth ballot.  He "ran for the Senate last year and finished last in the field of four with 5% of the vote."

 He has in the past said gays are "very sick people psycologically, mentally and emotionally" and compared homosexuality to pedophilia. He has said Planned Parenthood has been "far more lethal" to blacks than the KKK."  President Obama, Jackson says, sees the world "from a Muslim perspective." **

     There's probably more, but those are all the
Political Junkie gives.  They are enough.  The Democrats will certainly have someone at every stop asking the gubernatorial candidate—by comparison a normal Republican named Ken Cuccinelli,   "Hey what do you think of your running mate?"

     Virginia may be a state worth watching this fall.




**from NPR's Political Junkie – May 29, 2013 -  "Virginia Lt. Gov. Nominee Excites The Right, And Democrats Couldn't be Happier" by Ken Rudin



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