Thursday, May 2, 2013

MAY 1, 2013



   We're in an odd position, heading into summer.  The world is as troubled as ever, but most of the troubles are in other countries, not here.  We may be headed for a summer of boredom here.  That might not be so bad.

     I mean, you pick up the paper and know at once that Syria's in trouble.  That's too bad, I
have nothing against the Syrians, but it's nothing to do with us.  There's a column on the op-ed page about Chechnya.  I wish them well, but again, it's not my game.

     There's a story about how Britain is now produciing classy wines.
 Well done, chaps, but no threat to the good old USA or the French and Italian and, yes, American yummies on your shelf.  

     Headlines tell of police shot
in Rome, of censorship muddying politics in India.

     And so it goes.
 Lots of troubles. but elsewhere, not here.  We have problems, of course, but not crises.  Maybe, oddly, this will turn out to be the summer of our lack of discontent.





*Mr. Morton's editor apologies

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