Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MAY 13, 2013

     When I was kid--long, long ago, I rooted for the Chicago Cubs baseball team.  My excuse?  I lived there and my dad was for them.  They had an announcer who, when they won, would boom over the radio (no TV then), "Cubs win!"   He never got a sore throat or any thing because they didn't--win, that is--very often.  Never have they in all the years since.  He'd have loved yesterday.  They won--but hey, it wasn't their fault.

     The Washington Nationals scored a run early.  Just one, but their pitcher was throwing a no-hitter early.  But the Cubs got a couple of singles and the Nats took him out.  In the eighth a Cub singled, a pinch runner came in, went to second, then third, and then another Cub singled.  Tie game;  1--1.

     In the ninth, what turned out to be the winning run scored when a runner advanced after a foul ball was caught--yes, that's how it happened.  Then the Nats came up--bottom of the ninth--and failed.  I didn't hear anyone shout "Cubs win!"

     I think they've forgotten the words.


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