Saturday, May 18, 2013

MAY 18, 2013

    It must prove I used to cover politics.  I find myself already wondering about 2016--another round--the Iowa caucuses, all that good stuff.  I don't know who the candidates will be, of course, but on the Democratic side, at least, age will be a factor.

     Vice President Biden has hinted he'll run.  Only a fool would rule out Hillary Clinton.  If either run and win, they'd be seventy, the oldest new president we've ever had.  Ronald Reagan, my computer says, turned seventy during his first year in office.  Still, people live longer than they used to;  it could certainly happen.

      There are too many Republican possibilities to worry about age. Their struggle is more likely to be ideological--between the moderates, who would trim some government programs, and the radicals, who would take an axe to entitlement programs--limit social security, maybe; limit or repeal medicare, and so on.

     That will be an interesting and important battle with serious consequences for us all.  No predictions--I'm not nearly smart enough to be calling winners that far down the road. 


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