Monday, May 6, 2013

MAY 5, 2013

How often do you get to report a miracle?  The Washington Post has one today relegated, for reasons I don't understand, to page 5.  "First leg of solar flight completed."  The plane, powered by the sun, flew above the earth, landed in Phoenix.  Might it some day travel toward the sun?

The story notes that the plane can store the sun's power, that it flew "for several hours after sundown."

The story says there are other solar planes--I didn't know that, but this is the most advanced. The pilot, Bernard Picard, said, "It's a little like being in a dream."

Most of the news these days is depressing--wars, sieges, plots, terror.  This seems an act of joy, something that makes us proud of humankind,

Go, pioneers.  Dream on and explore the heavens.



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