Monday, June 10, 2013

Fwd: JUNE 8, 2013

Well, here we go again--stories in the papers about shadowy government groups spying on us, prying into sites like Google and Facebook, listening to our phone calls and reading our e-mails, trying to find out--I guess--which of us is passing along useful or damaging information, depending on where you sit, about the rest of us.

Once upon a time the fear was that spies were leaking good stuff to the Soviet Union, which might have wan
ted to harm us.  But it (the Soviet Union) disappeared. Now?  Surely anyone getting secrets from us now would be a lot weaker than the USSR was.  George W. Bush liked the spy stuff and gave us the Patriot Act, but it's generally agreed now that as a president he rates somewhere between bad and really bad.  Anybody remember why we invaded Iraq?  Afghanistan?  

Secrets now might be on a neighborhood basis--like who's having an affair with whom?
 Though why the government should care about that, I do not know.  And while I can imagine Richard Nixon caring, Barack Obama?   Nah.

I'm going to be calm until the government issues an enemies list as Nixon did.
 Then I'll join you outside the White House.  Till then, I'll be here at home, probably reading a good book or watching a baseball game. 


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