Thursday, September 26, 2013

SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

      It's that time of year again--fiscal ones ending and starting, Congressmen making bizarre threats about how much government will be left, and so on.

     Some Republicans are demanding that Congress kill the president's health bill, usually called "Obamacare."  That won't happen.  The Republicans could vote to kill it in the House, which they control, but not in the Senate, which they don't.  And even if the Senate yielded (fat chance!), President Obama could still veto the bill.

     The Republicans can threaten to shut the government down, but there are problems with that too?  Who pays the Army?  Can we go to war?  All these questions are complicated by the fact that the Congressmen are not simply trying to do what's good for the country, they're trying to gain political advantages for their political parties and for themselves too.

     Still, it can be fun to watch.  The country hasn't crashed and burned yet.  So enjoy?  Or maybe not?  Your call.   Unless you're sitting in Congress there's nothing you can do but watch, is there?


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