Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

      Can we expect new gun control legislation because of the Navy Yard murders?  Most unlikely.  Don't hold your breath.

     The Washington Post runs a series of polls on the issue today;  they show support for gun control is shrinking.  60% supported it in 1989, the polls say, 34% opposed it.  Now 52% favor it, 45% oppose.  And 51% in one recent poll said having a gun made the home a safer place.

     Politically, chances seem dim.  Senate Majority leader Harry Reid says, "We don't have the votes. I hope we get them but we don't have them now."

     Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said he would like to see "the current background check law redesigned to capture mental health events in a better way."  But again the Democratic leader of the Senate says, "We don't have the votes."

     Again, gun control backers, don't hold your breath.


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