Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fwd: SEPTEMBER 3, 2013

This is a story about an extraordnary event and the extraordinary woman who achieved it.  It teaches us, I think, that if you want to accomplish something badly enough, maybe you can.  She did, anyway, and is an example to us all.

The woman is Diana Nyad.  What she did was to swim nonstop from Havana to Key West, Florida.  It's about a hundred miles.  It took her about 53 hours--yes, more than two days.

This was not a  success that came easily;  it was her fifth attempt.  The first four, obviously, failed.  The most amazing thing, perhaps, is that she never gave up.  Her success, that fifth attempt, came when she was 64 years old. Yes--in an age where youthful athletes seem to get the most attention, she was 64.

So the lesson, I guess, is, if you want something, don't give up.  Yes, again, she's 64.


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