Sunday, September 8, 2013


     Well, finally an argument in the Washington Post for not attacking Syria. "Syria," a headline warns, "could stall Congress's work."

     Of course it could.  Congress has many important things to do.  It comes back to work (or whatever you call it) this coming week.  And, oh boy, is there stuff to do:  find agreement on federal spending, raise the limit on the national debt--some, but how much?, consider immigration reform and a farm bill which leaves out money for food stamps, and so on.  But no, the Post says, they're going to take up Syria first.

     That's complicated because President Obama seems to believe he can bomb Syria--or, presumably London or Miami Beach--without permission from Congress. The Constitution (Article 1, Section 8)  says the Congress shall have the power "to declare war."  But maybe bombing isn't war?  Sounds funny to me.  When Hitler bombed London in World War II both sides thought it was war, that's for sure.

     But this president disagrees, I guess.  Tough on the Syrians.  Tough on us and what we thought our country stands for.  



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