Friday, October 4, 2013

OCTOBER 3, 2013

     The U.S. government is still shut down, though so much other weird stuff is happening here that Washingtonians may have forgotten about it.

     Weirdest of all may have been when a car rammed a barricade near the White House then headed for the Capitol.  Police opened fire--well, you do, I guess, when national landmarks and the First Family, Congressmen, and regular people are threatened.  The driver of the car, a dental hygienist from Connecticut named Miriam Carey, was shot and killed by police.  A one-year old baby, also in the car, was unharmed.  Good luck, surely, not aimed fire.

     Police say nothing about the incident or about Carey suggests any sort of terrorist attack or anything like that.  What does it suggest?  I have no idea.  Nor, apparently, has anyone else, but you might want to stay out of town until the crazy season passes.

     I don't, of course, know when that will be. 

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