Thursday, March 7, 2013

MARCH 7, 2013

      This column doesn't come with a headline and I usually think that's fine, but today I wouldn't mind one.  "Oh no!" would be good. The story--a third member of the Bush family is thinking about running for president.  Sit down, please, I know it's a shock.

     The new possible candidate:
 Jeb Bush, 60, former governor of Florida.  How do we know he's running, or at least trotting?  The Washington Post reports "a new book, wall-to-wall television interviews, and a round of public speaking engagements."  A political advisor says Bush "will seriously think about it."  I might giggle.  I might cry.  Bush will think.  The quote is, "I'm not saying yes, I'm just not saying no."

 His father angered some in the party by pledging no new taxes, asking us to "read my lips," and then breaking that pledge.  His brother, the Post notes, left office as "a deeply unpopular president."  I certainly agree with that--worst in my lifetime, I think.  Considering my age, that's saying something.

     Yes, we
survived two Bushes, but could we manage a third?  I hope I never find out. 


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gabetech said...

Hello Bruce: Stumbled on to your site this evening, you brought back many great memories the most remembered was the spot you filled after Reagan was shot i did b roll for some of it. Best of health to you. gabe romero