Monday, March 4, 2013

MARCH 3, 2013

     Once upon a time there roamed a fearsome monster called the
Snuffleupagus.  Well, I think that's how it was spelled;  it was a long time ago.  Now its cousin, or maybe its grandson, walks among us again.  It, of course, is called the sequester.

     It's useful;
 you can blame it for damn near anything.  The budget is wacky--blame the sequester.  Congress is spending too much, or too little--blame the sequester.  Congress exists at allblameyes, you've got it.  Or maybe it's all the the president's fault.  Okay, he's the sequester's fault too.  Is he its daddy?  Or is the Congress?  No matter, there's enough sequester to go around.  Like blame, don't you see?

     What do we do?
 We can't shoot it;  it's too big and besides the gun control lobby might object.

     Maybe if we chanted magic words to make a spell?
 You know--deficit spending, economic agenda, self-financing--like that.  Or maybe not.  Just be polite and maybe we can wait it out.

     Welcome, sequestration.
 Have a nice (short??) visit.



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