Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MARCH 18, 2013


The newspaper says the Supreme Court will rule soon on whether same-sex marriage is legal.  This column is to suggest that they not bother;  take the day off instead.  California has already ruled it illegal;  I wish they'd take that back too.

My point is simply that many issues don't need a law;
 they are issues people can decide for themselves.

We have, for instance, freedom of speech
.  If you want to call the president a jerk--or a genius--you can, you don't need a law.  If you want to go out only with blondes, same thing, you can.  Lots of things are up to each of us, not the government.

So, if you're a man who wants only to marry a
man, or a woman who wants only to marry a woman, I say, go ahead.  If you want children, you'll adopt them;  you wanted them and will probably raise them well.  Marriage is about loving and caring for one another.  What you do about sex is nobody's business but your own.

So no law, thank you
.  This is one we can solve for ourselves.


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