Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fwd: FEBRUARY 12, 2014

     The weather prophets are thundering from the temples:  "Winter storm alert.....winter weather advisory...perhaps the worst snow we've had this winter...." and so on.  That last one...worst this always tricky.  Some years we really do get snow here in Washington.  A foot, maybe more. This year, the worst was maybe two inches or a little less, but the word "blizzard" was widely used and the city pretty much shut itself down.

     I grew up in Chicago where it did and does snow big time.  I don't remember the schools closing, though they must have.  Chicago has now and had then excellent public transportation and a population that doesn’t flinch over a flake.

     So read this and smile.   If I"m a prophet, fine.  If not, well, try to feel sorry for an old gaffer who doesn’t like the snow and never lost a minute of sleep longing for Rosebud but knows enough to hedge his bets and stock the cupboard…just in case.



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