Friday, February 28, 2014

FEBRUARY 19, 2014

     The National Spying on us Agency--I know, it's officially the National Security Agency, but I would feel more secure if it didn't exist--wants more.  It can already tap every telephone in America.  Now it wants to be able to track every automobile license plate too.

     The NSA, according to The Washington Post, wants a private company to do the actual work of tracking but that makes no difference;  the data will go back to the Agency anyway. "Joe Smith drove to Louisville for a weekend with a girl friend even though he's married? We can check that."  And so on, in annoying, salacious detail..

     The usual critics are out.  An ACLU spokeswoman said,  "This is just another example of the government's appetite for tools of mass surveillance."  That seems just right.  Barack Obama never impressed me as the kind of president who approved of spying on his people.

     I guess I was wrong.



Editor's note:  Mr. Morton's columns were delayed while his editor enjoyed a bout with the flu.  Apologies to you and him.

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