Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fwd: FEBRUARY 11, 2014


      Tighten up, guys, it's an election year.  I know, it's not the big kind when we elect a president.  Even if it were, we couldn't reelect this one if we wanted to.

      There's some history to that.  Starting with George Washington, our first, no president ever ran for a third term.  It was legal, they just didn't.  Franklin Roosevelt changed that.  He ran and won four times, leading the country out of the Great Depression and within sight of victory in World War when he died.

     Then the voters changed the rules--two terms and out.  Does it matter this time?  You bet. Now, we have a Democratic president, Barack Obama, with about three years left; a Democratic Senate, 51--47 plus two Independents;  and a Republican House, 242--199.  That's where the fun starts..  With all three one party, the president can probably run wild.  Split, like now, the two parties must compromise or stalemate.

     They've done a couple of compromises, more--on immigration, say--are possible. No one wants a repeat of last year's sequester with budget cuts and layoffs.

    Listen in.  It's probably not as much fun as a good ballgame, but it isn't so bad.


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