Sunday, February 16, 2014

FEBRUARY 15, 2014

       It's coming!  Yes, it is!  Thomas Boswell reminds us in the Washington Post that the traditional first notice has just gone out:  "Pitchers and catchers report to spring training."  The first exhibition game, he notes, is, believe it or not, just eleven days away. Yes, I can see snow out the window.  It's melting fast.  

     I think what makes baseball special is that players have to think.  The shortstop, who may have to field a ground ball--does he throw to second in hope of a double play or throw to first for the sure out there--and so on.

     I like football too--a graceful run or pass reception can be very moving, but there's something special about baseball for me.

     One thing I know--it has nothing to do with where I grew up.  That was Chicago, home of the Cubs--lovable losers is a local nickname.  The Cubs last won the pennant in 1945, more than half a century ago, last won the World Series, the grand prize--in 1908--more than--that's right, a century ago.

     But whatever it is, it works for me.


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