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I guess the shutdown isn't total yet. There are still bursts of hot air coming from the Capitol, and I haven't seen any furloughed Army guys--probably in jeans rather than in uniform but with rifles and canteens and all that stuff--you know.

But if you're looking for who'll get blamed, it's probably not too early to bet on the Republicans. Their problem is that their leaders, like House Speaker John Boehner, can't control their party's wacko wing, which really wants a much weaker and different America.

Kill Obama's health care bill, of course, but go further--weaken Medicare, for instance, by making it a voucher system.  I don't know what that would be, exactly, but I'll bet serious money I'd like it less than what I have now.

The results of their extreme views, if the country gets to know them, would probably be severe losses for the GOP in the next election.  Not a certainty, but a good bet.  Hope I'm around long enough to see how it turns out.



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