Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OCTOBER 14, 2013

There is some news the Wall Strett Journal this week on where the Tea Party may be headed.  It's in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll quoted extensively by E.J. Dionne in his Washington Post column today.

First, some other numbers. The poll shows up slightly, at 47%, positive opinions of President Obama.  By that same number, 47% to 39%, people preferred a Democratic Congress to a Republican one.  


Positive feelings toward the Tea Party, meanwhile, fell to 21%, down from 34% in June, 2010.  Another straw in the wind--the poll asked respondents to choose between "government should do more to help meet the needs of people" and "government is doing too much."   In 2010, 45% said do more;  in the latest poll,, 52% did.

Polls aren't cast in concrete of course, but this one does seem to point to hard times ahead for the Tea Party.



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