Monday, October 28, 2013

OCTOBER 26, 2013

     The National Security Administration has been telling us, through a leaker named Snowden, how it can tap all our telephones, learn and reveal all our secrets, and so on.  We ordinary folk can't do much about the government's snooping into our lives, but foreign countries maybe can and at least two--Germany and France--have complained about it.

     They say the U.S. National Snooping Agency has eavesdropped on some thirty world leaders and they want it stopped.  Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "We want...something that is in line with the spirit of an alliance."  Well, yes, you don't normally spy on your friends, do you?

     Trouble is, our master spies like their jobs.  Told to stop, they'd probably target the White House and produce a bunch of fake stuff  designed to show they had.

     I think the only real solution is to recreate the Soviet Union, which expired in 1991.  It'd be expensive, but I"d rather have the NSA (National Snooping Agency) spying on them than us, wouldn't you?  Of course, they'd probably do both, just wouldn't tell us the part about spying on us. 

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