Monday, April 8, 2013

Fwd: APRIL 4, 2013

      I picked up the Washington Post this morning and learned something astonishing--handwriting--cursive, the experts call it--us on the way out, dying.

     Kids, the Post says, are increasingly being taught their ABCs on computers.
 "Now," the Post says, "with most schools adopting new national standards that don't require such instruction, cursive could soon be eliminated at most public schools...For many students cursive is becoming as irrelevant as Egyptian hieroglyphics."

     I'm not sure I'd have liked that as a kid.
 I was always famous for having the worst handwriting in my class.  I made my living as a reporter, but could write my stories first on typewriters, then on computers, such as they were in those early days.

     My kids have adapted.  My daughter's Christmas gift, which she'd requested, was one of those small computers called a tablet.

     But I'd miss pens and pencils if I had to go back.
 And I suppose books will be replaced by something you read on a Kindle.

     No more pencils, no more books,
     Only teacher's dirty looks.

     I'm glad I'm too old.



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