Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fwd: APRIL 4, 2013

      The Washington Post's excellent columnist Dana Millbank had an piece in yesterday's paper which describes why gun control legislation is a long shot to pass Congress this year.

      The National Rifle Association was
at the National Press Club, pushing its proposal, the "National School Shield," which would put armed guards in our public schools.  Millbank says the NRA had about twenty guards on hand,  "some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed " others with lumps under their civilian jackets.  Millbank says they ordered reporters out of the lobby when the NRA biggies were passing through, and did other coplike things.

     This is of course outrageous.
 DC cops might have such authority, not some amateur cop wannabees.

     One NRA spoksman said, "You go into
mall, there is security," and also "here at the National Press Club."  That, of course, was security the NRA brought with it.

     A reporter asked the spokesman, Asa Hutchinson, what he was afraid of.
 "There's nothing I'm afraid of," Hutchinson aswered.  "There's nothing I'm nervous about;"

     I am.
 I'm nervious about guys like him. 


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