Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fwd: APRIL 18, 2013

        I am ashamed of the Senate I was going to say "My Senate" but I can't;  I live in the District of Columbia and so have no senators;  they come from the states, not D.C.  That's ok.  I'm ashamed of them anyway.  One headline in the Washington Post today read, "senators cower in NRA's sights."  That's about right.

The NRA, of course, is the National Rifle Association.  They are very good lobbyists.  The issue was a proposal to require background checks before some gun purchases.  Outrageous of course.  Why shouldn't wackos be well armed? 

 When the vote was read, two women in one of the Senate galleries shouted, "Shame on you!"  They were removed, of course.

So the background check bid lost.  The NRA won, as it essentially always does.   Polls show Americans overwhemlingly support background checks.  So what, the Senate doesn't. 

  Want  a new one?  If it were mine, I would.

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