Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fwd: APRIL 16, 2013

     Our obsession with killing each other has surfaced again.  


     The December murder of twenty children and six adults In Newtown is still raw.  This time there were more grownups and fewer kids at the Boston Marathon.  Only three dead at the race but it was worse than that.  More than 150 were injured – some horribly.  The city shut down, struck during one of its festivals.

     Oh, and
it wasn't done by a gun but by two bombs made by an amateur, I would guess;  surely skilled professionals making two bombs could have killed many more.  But that's not the point, of course.

     The point is what we can do to lessen these glimpses of the violence some of us live with.
 I don't know much about bombs.  I know that guns can be controlled in terms of how many and what kind, even who can buy one.   Magazines too--the ones for bullets, not browsers.  Let's raise our voices for gun control.  Serious controls, strict controls with tough penalties for violations.

      The Senate is talking about gun control this week
.  Please let them hear from you before they vote.  I'd write mine but I don't have any--a penalty I pay for living in Washington, D.C.



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