Wednesday, June 6, 2012

JUNE 6, 2012

     Big week for the British royals. Big week for the Brits.  The
whole country's been celebrating because Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
II has been on the throne for sixty years now.  Only Victoria lasted
longer at sixty-three.  Elizabeth, of course, hasn't stepped down yet.
 She could do another decade, I suppose.

     Do what, exactly?  Not run the country, of course.  Prime
Ministers and parliaments to that.  Monarchs preside.  They go to
innumerable meetings and small events involving this group or that.
"Things can't be absolutely going to hell in a hand basket ," people
say, "There's the Princess Royal."

     They always have something to say.  It needn't be wise, but it
must be something, some calm response to whatever calamity may have
befallen them or the country.  Elizabeth has confronted nuclear tests,
scandals both royal and common, wars and, currently, a tough
recession.  Even through 1992, what she called her "annus horribilis,"
she stayed reliably constant--wearing those hats, carrying those
handbags, going to those receptions, hosting those garden parties.

     Reports from London say the Brits are feeling up these days
quoting anniversary goers as speaking admiringly of  "our great
Queen," and so on.

     Way to go, Majesty.  God bless.

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