Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JUNE 27, 2012

     Something unusual is happening right here in America.  A grownup is changing her life because she wants to help people change their lives for the better--wants to do good, to get right to it.

     This is not some boozy confidence shared with a stranger after the third martini.  It's not some kid's fantasy dream of adulthood either. I know the woman--yes, it is a woman and she's pushing fifty--pretty well.  Her plan is to keep the job she has (a public relations job, fairly nice work at fairly nice pay) and go back to graduate school (one has already accepted her) and study what might roughly be summed up as social work. Don't ask me exactly what that is;  I'm an old, retired English major myself.

     She would use these new skills, combined with her present ones, to help people. I don't know exactly how--with job problems maybe, or family ones.....the point is simply to help them improve their lives, in whatever form they want.

     I don't think I've ever known anybody to make a decision quite like this before.

     Go daughter. Your father loves and is proud of you. May success follow you every step of the way.    



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