Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAY 29, 2012

     The experts say Mitt Romney will clinch the Republican
presidential nomination today. This of course raises the second big
question in these things--who will the running-mate be?

     I don't suppse anyone but the Romneys knows for sure, but the
consensus among the pundits seems to be that it will be someone we've
heard of, that John McCain's experiment with a likeable unknown,
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, didn't, after all, work. Michael Gerson, an
experienced Washington columnist, likes New Jersey Gov. Cris Christie.
 I think he's a bit weighty for the job, but what do I know?  Very

     What is the job?  During the campaign and possibly afterward,
it's to attack the other guys, but not so viciously that the voters
get mad at you, not them.

     But over the job always hangs a question:  if the worst should
happen, could he do the real job?  I've always thought America was
very lucky that Richard Nixon's original VP, Spiro Agnew was forced to
resign (theft charges, as I recall) before Nixon himself resigned, to
be replaced by Agnew's successor, Gerald Ford, whom we all knew to be
a good and honest man.

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