Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JUNE 13, 2012

    It's an unusual summer here.  The Washington Nationals, an
expansion team who have never won anything, are in first place in
their division by three games. The Chicago Cubs, who have not won a
World Series in more than a century, are in last place in theirs. Some
things don't (can't) change.  Still, a small miracle may be happening.

    In politics we're not really really into high drama time yet--wait
for the conventions, please, but little hints keep piling up that Mitt
Romney has the wrong-sized glove for the job.  My latest favorite is
from Iowa where Romney ridiculed Obama saying,  "He says we need more
firemen, more policemen, more teachers….It's time to cut back on
government and help the American people." Granted, he and his team are
respinning those words now – perhaps realizing that most Americans
feel they are helped by teachers and firemen and policemen.  And the
Democrats are, of course, replaying them.

      I think Americans kind of like incumbents.  We elected Roosevelt
four times, elected Truman over Dewey when lots of people thought we
wouldn't, defeated Barry Goldwater (in our hearts we knew he was
nuts?).  We even elected George W. Bush twice.  Who would have
predicted that? Certainly not I.

     Anyway, it's started, if slowly.  Sure beats watching the Cubs.
Those Nationals now....

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