Thursday, June 14, 2012

JUNE 14, 2012

     The Washington Post wins my award this week for the least
surprising news story of the, I don't know, year, decade, some longish
span of time. The headline says it all, really: "U.S. drone strikes
unpopular abroad, survey finds."

     Golly.  What thoughtful government researcher decided we needed
to spend tax dollars to learn that folks in other countries don't like
us bombing them, especially when our pilots are not at risk.  There is
a bonus bit of information--here in America 62% of us appprove of
drone bombing. Well, of course. Why not bomb pesky foreigners when our
military is safe at home?

     Drone strikes work.  A strike this month killed al-Qaeda's then

     So let's hear it for killing by remote control.  If you're a
young American, it's clearly the way to go.  If we stop and think
about it, surely we would mostly agree that wars are brutish and ought
to be a last resort.  Sadly, they are often not.

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