Wednesday, July 4, 2012

JUNE 30, 2012

      I'm not sure just how the new health care law will work, except that states have some choice on when to phase in its various parts.  Others, however, are more certain.

     Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts had been excpected by many conservatives to vote "No" on the bill's constituionality.  He didn't;  he voted "Aye."  The right was angry.  Radio host Glen Beck, the Washington Post reported, was offering  T-shirts with Roberts' face and the word "COWARD" printed in yellow.  They're thirty bucks. Tacky?  Sure. Politics? Also sure. Votes the shirt will change? Few, I would guess.   I can't imagine being converted to a cause by a peek at someone's chest. I suppose one could wear one in a Fourth of July parade, but even then....

     The Constitution is sometimes specific about the rights it guarantees us--the right to speak freely, to assemble for redress of grievences,  to keep and bear arms, for instance.  It never mentions health care, which barely existed as an industry back then.  But if today's giant had existed then, I hope the Founders would have at least considered giving Americans the right to affordable health care.

     I'd say the Supremes had a good week. How about you?    





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