Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

      A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Americans are fed up with Congress.  Less than a third of the voters sampled say they are likely to support their incumbent Congressman in November.  The discontent crosses party lines, ideologies, whatever.      Less than a quarter of independents and only three in ten Republicans are leaning towards backing an incumbent in November.  Democrats, who control the House and Senate, are evenly divided on the question.     So, bad news for the Dems, with all those incumbents?  Well, not exactly.  When asked which party do you trust to do a better job of coping with the main problems the country faces, 46% said the Democrats (down from 56 in December 2008), 32% said Republicans (up from 23% in '08) and 18% said neither (up from 15 in that earlier survey).      President Obama?  Mixed reviews.  Voters think he's doing a better job than the Congressional Republicans handling the economy, health-care reform and the budget deficit.  Do they actually approve of what he's doing?  Not exactly. They split evenly on approving or disapproving his handling of the economy and health care;  they disapprove of his handling of the deficit but blame his predecessor, George W. Bush, more for it.      What does it all mean?  Hard to say except that the voters are truly grumpy and it should be an interesting election in November.         
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