Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

       The Washington Post reports today that Congressional leaders intend to revive a District of Columbia voting rights bill, coupling it with an amendment that would eliminate most of this city's gun control laws.  Terrible idea, guys.  Please stop.      The District is a colony, of course.  Real Americans live in states and elect congressmen and senators.  We don't.  We are allowed to vote for president every four years, and we have an elected local government--mayor and city council, but that's it.  Oh--we have a non-voting delegate to Congress, but since she can't vote, she's powerless, just a lobbyist for D.C.      Now they're talking about giving us a real congressman, while taking away the gun control laws our city council voted for?  Forget it.  D.C. once had a near total ban on hand gun ownership.  The Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional--correctly, if I understand the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  But our remaining gun laws, while strict, are, as far as I know, legal.  And Congress wants to just strike them down?  Nah. Thanks very much, but nah.      I've lived in this voteless colony for forty years now.  I'm used to it.  And I'd like to keep our gun laws.  We have no power, of course.  We are a colony.  But please, Congress, leave us alone on this
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