Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010

       I like hoops, college more than the NBA, so I always pay some attention to the NCAA tournament.  This year's Final Four are more than usually interesting.      There is, of course, the once and future champion, Duke.   Under coach Mike Krzyzewski they have won something like 866 games and, I read somewhere, a dozen trips to the Final Four.  He's sixty-three, so he's not finished yet either.  In the middle are West Virginia's Bob Huggins, 56, with 670 wins and Tom Izzo of Michigan State, 55, with 364 wins.      But the stunner is Butler's Brad Stevens, a thirty-three year old who has won 89 games, 33 of them this year.  Oh, and twenty-four straight.  Stevens started out as a marketing associate with a pharmaceutical company, but he left that job ten years ago because he wanted to coach.  I guess he knew how.  Butler is a small school, 3900 students located north of Indianapolis.  Now it's a basketball legend too.      I don't know who you'll be rooting for this weekend, but I'm for the new guys. Go, Bulldogs!  Oh, yes, that's their nickname
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