Friday, January 3, 2014

JANUARY 3, 2014

Well, there they are again, the National Security Agency, the government snoopers who've already confirmed that they can tap our telephones and hack our computers, now announcing that they can probably (and will) crack any codes we might used to hide our secrets from them. 

I can't imagine writing to a girl friend in code, but I"m outraged at these sweaty secret-seekers bragging that they could crack it if I did.  And bragging about it, no doubt, to their equally sweaty colleagues. "Hey, my guy's gonna give her a mink coat if she comes across. What's your guy gonna do?"

This country was founded by people who believed in privacy.  Read the Fourth Amendment (I've reprinted it here in the past) if you doubt me.  Now we seem to have an Agency who thinks their supreme right is the right to snoop backed by a president who doesn't object.

Maybe we need a presidential candidate in 2016 who will promise to put some limits on the official snoopers.  I'm thinking that might be reason enough to vote for him or her.



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