Friday, January 17, 2014

Fwd: JANUARY 16, 2014

     I don't know what you think of us residents of Washington, D.C.   We're not real U.S. citizens—don't have any representatives in Congress--but in other ways we're probably pretty much like the rest of you.

     So you might be interested in a Washington Post poll that says we favor legalizing marijuana.  Residents who were split evenly on the issue four years ago, it says, are now in favor of selling it for personal use by about two-to-one.  This is true, the poll says, of Washingtonians of every age, race, and ethnicity--from teen-agers to codgers we support legalization by double-digit margins in this new poll.

     But that's here.  The Post says a separate national poll by itself and ABC News shows the voters split evenly, 49--48, on the issue.

     So is the District leading the way here in a second wave toward legalization after Colorado and Washington?  I suspect so but these polls don't prove it.  Alcohol took a while to emerge from Prohibition.  I suspect legal pot will follow legal hooch, but we'll just have to wait and see if this city's new greeting turns out to be, "High!"


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