Sunday, January 26, 2014

JANUARY 26, 2014

This is an election year, of course.  All of the House and a third of the Senate are at stake.  Good fun, normally--trying to spot trends, pick winners, all that.  The trouble this time is that a new poll in the Washington Post suggests the voters' answer to, "Who are you for?" is, "None of the above."

     The poll starts with President Obama--not that he's running, but he is the boss and how people feel about him will reflect how they feel about other politicians.  Obama's aproval record is 46%, up a tad from 42% just after Obamacare made its messy debut.  His previous low was 48%.  For comparison, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were at around 60% at this point in their second terms.

     As for Congress, 27% said they had confidence in Democrats in Congress to do the right thing—but, if you think that's bad, just 17% of the Republicans had that confidence in their Congressmen.

     Looking forward to this fall?  I can hardly wait.



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