Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fwd: JANUARY 14, 2014

     It's a lot harder to run for president than it used to be.  That's just true.  You yourself don't even have to want to run.  It's enough if other people think you might want to or hope that you would.  I mean, just consider New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

     If you read anything in a national publication a year or two ago about Christie, it was positive--a popular Republican governor of a Democratic state, colorful, outspoken, reelection assured and lots of murmurs about 2016.  And it was true--he was popular, did win a second term.

     If you look at the stories now, the perspective has changed.  The headline (front page, mind you) on today's Washington Post is, "Beyond the bridge, new trouble for Christie."

     The bridge story explains itself as an effort to paralyze traffic in Ft. Lee, N.J.  Then there's a paragraph or two about promises to a Democratic mayor that were made then broken – and so on..

     There is good and bad in all of us, of course – including politicians.  Okay, maybe especially them.  The lens of a campaign--real or imagined--magnifys warts and halos alike. 

    The first official tally in the 2016 race will be the Iowa caucuses in January of that year.  Wart watching is starting early don't you think?

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