Friday, December 7, 2012

DECEMBER 6, 2012

     The holidays are on us.  Fun, of course, especially for us parents.  I like buying gifts for the kids.  But it gets harder as they, and I, get older.  The gift world keeps changing.

     I could buy a kid a car, of course
, but I keep seeing phrases in car ads I don't understand.  People talk about "hybrids," for instance.  Fooled me.   I thought maybe it's a cross between a radish and a tomato, something of an automotive mule, but no.  Turns out it's a car that guzzles gas and some other ingredient (Scotch, sour mash, I can't remember, impartially.  No, wait, it's electricity, but does it burn out the way a flashlight battery does?)

     My daughter wants a tablet
this year.  I was all set to run down to the drug store and get one of those yellow writing pads with lines.  Nope. Turns out to be a small computer.  I don't know whether it has lines or comes in yellow.

     Oh well, maybe I'll just give the kids eight tiny reindeer.
 Do they come in diesel? 

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