Saturday, December 29, 2012

DECEMBER 22, 2012

     A columnist needs a foolish lobbyist these slow holiday weeks, so I'd like to thank the National Rifle Association for providing today's column.

     The NRA, the Washington Post reports, has come out in favor of putting armed (with guns, of course) police officers in every school.  Man, would that ever sell a lot of guns!  The Post estimates there are 135,000 public and private schools in the United States.  Maybe we need to make things even safer--arm every teacher, in every classroom, so that if the fifth-graders start acting up, the teacher can blow away two or three of the ringleaders and calm things down.

     It won't pass, of course.  Congress, even Congress, wouldn't do that.  To arms, Americans!

     And Merry Christmas!


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