Saturday, December 29, 2012

DECEMBER 27,2012

You've had, I hope, a huge merry feast and a bag of goodies so heavy Santa needed help to get it down the chimney.  I wonder how this America strikes its new arrival.

One of the ladies who looks after me is Ethiopian.  She is very pleasant and has opened a new cuisine for me—spicy.  I like it.  She's been in the US several years now and understands our wackinesses.  But her husband and their two teen-age kids just got here.   I wonder what they make of it all.

Mom, I'm gonna give this shirt to my brother, but we're supposed to pretend it's from some dude named Santa--Santa Claus?  Is that even an American name? Well no, honey, but it's what they do, so we better do it too.  And eight tiny reindeer?  They don't  grow any reindeer here, do they? I don't know, son, just go along.

And no, you'll probably never find a hall to deck with holly.

One thing though, mom.  The food's terrific. Yes, son. you got that right.  Have another turkey leg.

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