Thursday, July 4, 2013

JULY 2, 2013

     It's kind of a comedy...where will Edward Snowden threaten to go next?  Or it could be a many countries will he ask to let him live in them?  Good fun for us all.

My computer says he has so far sought a home, or at least an asylum, in many including China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, India, and Ecuador.

     I don't know if they all want a famous leaker, but China is large, varied, very pretty in places
and has some terrific food, though we reporters weren't always sure what everything was.  Cuba's nice with good food, good people.  I was having a good time there--I think the Pope was going to visit--when all us reporters were ordered back to Washingon and spent the flight home trading rumorsReally?  A White House intern? First name Monica? Well, those were the tumultuous Clinton years.

     Probably, Mr. Leaker, you're getting tired of whatever holding facility you're in in Moscow--th
ose are never much fun--and want to go somewhere.  I'd pick a small place--maybe Ecuador--which doesn't have much stuff to leak.

Or are you afraid your job skills will grow rusty?  Hard to know.   



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