Thursday, July 11, 2013

JULY 10, 2013

     Every once in a while--no, maybe more often than that--we get an example of how stunningly inefficient the U.S. military can be.  Today's is on the front page--where else--of the Washington Post, headlined "For critics of military spending, a monument."

     It describes a 64,000 square foot building in Afghanistan, windowless, two stories, spacious offices, the story says, air conditioning.  It cost $34 million.  But--big but--the Post says the military has no plans to ever use it.  Ever.  Of course we're trying to leave there anyway but…

   The Post says the building--folly, whatever you choose to call it--has come to symbolize "the staggering cost of Pentagon mismanagement."
No argument here.

     I don't think this is as  shameful as NSA agents lying to us about tapping our phones and all tha but it does represent childish, immature planning.  Or maybe not any planning at all.

    Any good managers around?  Your government needs you.

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