Monday, July 15, 2013

JULY 14, 2013

     Abortion, an emotional issue which hasn't been in the news much in recent years, is headed back to the front pages. That's because a number of state legislatures have acted or will be acting, on proposals to restrict it.

     The Texas Senate passed some restrictions this weekend. They would ban abortions after twenty weeks and require physicians who do them to have admitting privi
leges at a nearby hospital. Abortions would have to be done in fully equipped surgical centers. A spokesman for Planned Parenthood, which supports legalized abortion, said it was "evaluating legal options" to challenge the Texas law.

     It's an issue that courts will decide.
  The Washington Post notes that in three states--Arizona, Georgia, and Idaho--judges have struck down bans on abortions after twenty weeks as unconstituional.  Will Texas?  Who knows?

     The only certain thing is that the issue is back. Lots of work for lawyers lies ahead.



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