Thursday, June 13, 2013

JUNE 13, 2013

     A new Washington Post--ABC News poll has some interesting news.  Americans lopsidedly oppose race-based college admissions and support same-sex marriage.

     Three-quarters of us--76%--oppose letting universities consider race when deciding which students to admit.  The Post notes that the Supreme Court is deciding whether the University of Texas at Austin's policy, which allows administrators to consider race in admitting some of its freshman class, is constitutional.

     On the question, "do you approve or oppose allowing gay men and lesbians to marry legally?"  57% said yes.  Support was strongest among young people;  only those over 65 were against.  And asked if the government should give legally married gay couples the same benefits as other couples, 63% said yes.  Again, those over 65 disagreed.

     It's always pleasant to read a poll you agree with.  I guess that's why I'm passing this one along to you.


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