Wednesday, January 9, 2013

JANUARY 9, 2013

      We ought to be able to do something about football injuries, but we sure haven't found a way yet.

     The latest scary case is the Washington Redskins' gifted (or perhaps formerly gifted) rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III--RG Three, as the announcers like to say.  Good quarterbacks can throw the ball.  Griffin can do that.  Some are also good runners.  RGIII is one of those too.

     What happened was he got hurt.  He wanted to stay in the games--a rookie star would, of course.  His coaches let him after a short break, a much more questionable decision.  The team lost its final game, a wild card shot at the playoffs. RGIII now faces surgery.  A Washington Post column's headline reads:  Redskins sack their own QB.

     I am no expert here, covered politics, not sports, but the columnist, Sally Jenkins, is an expert.  She covers sports.  She says RGIII should have been pulled from Sunday's game.  I believe her.


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