Wednesday, January 30, 2013

JANUARY 29, 2013

     This elderly non-economist  is always leery of forecasts, but there have been signs lately that good--not splendid--times are on the way.  President Obama had an okay first term--ended one of two foolish wars he'd inherited from George W. Bush, managed an economy which was stable though not surging.  Now, maybe, the eonomy will surge some.

     Timing, as always, will matter.  Mr. Obama has about two years to work his magic, if he has any.  Then we'll start reading about the Iowa caucuses, the New Hampshire primary, all that good presidential stuff.  The question will behow is candidate X, not the Prez, going to make things better?
     Let's hope the economy booms now.  We could probably all use a lift.        

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