Monday, January 21, 2013

Fwd: JANUARY 20, 2013

Monday is Inauguration Day, but you knew that.  I plan to hide out in my living room and watch from in front of my TV set.  It's far too crowded in the real world for me.

The Washington Post, which remembers inaugurals past, has printed a menu from an inaugural ball in 1865--president named Lincoln, second term.

"Bill of Fare" it reads.  Four kinds of beef--roast, filet de beef, beef a-la-mode, beef a la anglais.  I'm sure you're familiar with all those.  Just three kinds of veal.  More than a dozen cakes and tarts.  Only six kinds of ice cream, though that may have seemed like enough.  The price for all this and more--ten bucks. Yes, ten bucks.

There were huge crowds then as now, of course.  A million?  More?  Nobody knows.

And, hiding in front of his TV set, this nobody won't care.



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