Thursday, October 4, 2012

OCTOBER 4, 2012 #2

    If you're for Romney, you probably think he won the debate--a hit for Mitt, maybe.  If you're for Obama, you'd probably call it a draw.

     Romney, who's spent much of the campaign trying to get his foot out of his mouth, didn't have to do that this time.  Sentences were unmangled, voice clear, etc.  Obama was calm and clear too, of course, but we're used to that from him.  For the challenger, it was a good showing,

     It was, by agreement, all about economics.  I don't how often viewers could hear about interest rates and budget deficits before boredom set in.  The real political test, I suppose, will come when the first flurry of post-debate polls comes out, sometime in the next few days.  Romney needs a rally;  Obama doesn't.

      If you liked it, there are two more--one centered on foreign policy.  There's also one bewteen the the VP nominees.  That might be fun because Representative Paul Ryan, the GOP candidate, is a forceful advocate of economic reform--medicare vouchers, etc.  He might go further than his boss did in arguing that case.

Beats soap operas anyway.  And the baseball playoffs are starting. More good news 



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