Sunday, October 14, 2012

OCTOBER 13, 2012

      It ain't over, Yogi Berra is supposed to have said, until it's over. Well, everyone, it's over.  Or maybe, for the Nationals, it isn't.

      Still, this Washington team can tell some good stories in the off season.  They won their division.  They won the most games, I think, of anyone in their league.  They got, I quoted one of their players as saying yesterday, to play one more day.  They just didn't win.  They're an expansion team--only been at it ten years or so. They just haven't won yet.  They have time, bags of it.

     The team I grew up rooting for, the helpless, hapless Chicago Cubs--last won the pennant in 1945, the World Series more than a century ago in 1906.

     The Nationals can spend the off-season practicing a phrase the Cubs have forfeited the right to use:   Wait 'til next year.


     Good luck, Nats.  You deserve it.

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